Kids & Mother Nature: 8 Reasons They Are Meant to Be Together by Teacher Karen

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a year ago
Kids & Mother Nature: 8 Reasons They Are Meant to Be Together

Children and Mother Nature. I’ve said it before and I’ll said it again, kids are supposed to be in and amongst Her! Just as play addresses all developmental areas in children, so too, does being in Nature by:

  • supporting problem-solving and creativity
  • increasing ability to focus
  • improving social relations
  • supporting physical development
  • improving impulse control and decreasing stress
  • increasing academic performance

Every effort should be made to insure children are given time to experience the great outdoors every day! It can be as simple as spending time in their backyard or a local park. Or visiting one of our National Parks! Have you heard of the Every Kid in a Park program? It’s a fabulous program to encourage children and families to get out, explore and learn in our public lands, waters and parks.

All families are busy, so get out your calendar, if you must, to schedule the time. Write it down and follow through because it’s important to #LeaveNoChildInside!

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Teacher Karen
At preschool (& in my family) I made sure the kidlets were outside every day :-)
Mike Prochaska
Love this! Another great post by teacher Karen! And that is why in be summer we have the #kidstoparks challenge to see how many different parks we we get to
Teacher Karen
I love your #KidsToParks Challenge Mike!
Mike Prochaska
Hoping to do is Agaon this summer
Jeff Jackson
great reminder... I love the outdoors and try to get them out as often as possible...
Teacher Karen
Me too!! It's much better for everyone involved if I DO get outdoors every day :-)
Brian Mackenzie
we just got back from the outdoors! love it :D and it changes every season
Teacher Karen
Yep! And there's always some new treasure to find
Mike Prochaska
Was was nice to go outside today and just play with the kids
Teacher Karen
You're getting a different outdoor experience than your usual....enjoy the sunshine!

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