"Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood": Do You Remember This Iconic TV Show for Kids? by Mike Prochaska

3 years ago
"Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood": Do You Remember This Iconic TV Show for Kids?

Do you remember “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood?” I remember being a kiddo watching this show repeatedly! It was one of my favorite shows on PBS as kid. The show first aired in 1968 and the last set of episodes were aired in August 2011. In each episode, Mr. Rogers would be seen coming home singing, "Won't you be my neighbor?" Then, he'd change into sneakers and a red cardigan knitted by his mother. In every episode there would be a theme and Mr. Rogers would have a conversation with his audience, interact with live guests or take you on a field trip somewhere.

Each episode also included a trip to Mr. Rogers "neighborhood of make believe," featuring a trolley with its own chiming theme song, a castle and the subject discussed often allowed further development of discussion in the "real world."

There’s a new show on PBS called “Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood,” which is based off “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.” The show centers around Daniel Tiger and his family and many of the characters from the neighborhood of make believe.

What shows do you like your kids to watch?

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Donna John
Of course I remember Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood! Loved it as a kid. Can still hear that trolley ringing its bell. :-) My kids never watched it. I got stuck in the Barney era. One show my grandson loves is Octonauts. He knows so much about sea life and animals from this show. I used to find myself watching it after he'd moved on to something else.
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
I love Mr. Rogers, and his advice still rings true today. "Look for the helpers" has gotten me through some of the tough times we are facing as a society! Thanks for shining a light on a remarkable man, Mike Prochaska !
Sheri B Doyle
It was such an amazing show. It is still relevant today, maybe even more so to help remind us to act with kindness and love.
Bri Montoya
Mike Prochaska , thanks for the flashback!
Michelle Nelson-Schmidt
Childhood favorite, adult inspiration. He’s one of my ‘If you could have dinner with 5 famous people living or dead’ peeps! ❤️
Mike Prochaska
to me he a role model who was ahead of his time...
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
Loved him then, still love him now. Some of my favorite quotes are his. Thanks, Mike Prochaska !

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