World Kindness Day: 5 Ways to Show Kindness From Ashley Benton of The Green Team Helping Hands Inc. by Alex Bryant

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6 months ago
World Kindness Day: 5 Ways to Show Kindness From Ashley Benton of The Green Team Helping Hands Inc.

It's World Kindness Day, but it's always time for showing kindness to others. Here are five acts of kindness from Ashley Benton from The Green Team Helping Hands, Inc.:

  • Acknowledge and Engage: A simple smile or words of kindness and encouragement can go a long way.
  • Be Ready to Help Today: Do not always give cash to the homeless. Sometimes just keep a gift card on hand to a grocery store or fast food restaurant. Granola bars and bottled water are also good to keep in your car. Just be ready to help them get through the day!
  • Help During Any Season: Pull out winter clothes or sweaters and keep them in your car just in case you come across someone in need. Cold bottle water also helps in the summer time.
  • Understand and Tell: Stereotypes and stigmatization make it hard for us to help others. Learn about the different paths that lead to homelessness. Every person living on the streets has his or her own story. Some are very educated and just down on their luck. Some are struggling with addiction. Others lost everything to medical bills, and some suffer mental illness. No matter what brought them to homelessness, they all have value and deserve help.
  • Invite and Pray: Pray for your homeless neighbors. You can pray by yourself, or with friends and family. Pray that their physical needs are met.

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