Becoming a Parent: How Have Your Kids Changed You, Mom & Dad? by Mike Prochaska

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5 years ago

Becoming a Parent: How Have Your Kids Changed You, Mom & Dad?

It’s funny how life changes once you have your own children. Before I was a stay-at-home dad, I would recycle or throw away everything the minute we were done with it. Now, every time we run out of paper towels, toilet paper or plastic water bottles, I save them in a bin for art projects. Every piece of cardboard that comes through the house now gets saved for the kids to use because they can always use it to paint or glue or whatever their imagination wants or takes them.

That’s one of the best things about children – they remind us of all the fun that can be had with even just a simple box. It can be a race car, rocket ship, time machine or whatever they want. It's only limited by their imaginations.

How have you changed as a parent?

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Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
I know exactly what you mean, dadsAdventuredaycare ! I did all of that, too. But the biggest change for me was realizing that my heart was walking around outside of my body. Such a game-changer to know you are never OK until you know your kids are OK. It's unbelievably powerful!
Mike Prochaska
Yes I so would agree with that too!
Stacey Roberts
I thought the reason my daughter was all the things you hope your child can be was because I was such a good mother. Then we had our son and I found out very quickly it had nothing to do with me!

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