Responsibility Can Be the Key to Student Success: 3 Tips for Parents! by Pepi Silverman

Responsibility Can Be the Key to Student Success: 3 Tips for Parents!

Being an active student is a process, and many kids do not have the maturity to be independent learners. Parents and teachers can support student responsibility by supporting “ownership” in their learning. The following tips can help parents in supporting their children:

  • Be proactive: Students today can struggle to connect what they are learning in school to their lives in the future. Knowing that their education is valuable can help kids to take ownership of their studies.
  • Intervene when warning signs appear: Poor organizational and time-management skills, falling grades and missing assignments can be signs that a student is struggling. Parents can request a meeting with school personnel to explore opportunities to provide assistance at the first signs of difficulty. 
  • Motivate and be supportive: Learning is a "process," and as kids strive for achievement, parents can encourage their performance by acknowledging the effort more than the outcome.

By connecting to learning, identifying the need for assistance and rewarding effort instead of the results, parents can guide toward toward becoming responsible learners.

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