The New School Year Is Near: Beat the Back-to-School Blues With a Backyard Bash by Kim Kusiciel

The New School Year Is Near: Beat the Back-to-School Blues With a Backyard Bash

We all know the drill: when school lets out it seems like summer will last forever and that we'll all run out of things to do. While that is true on some days, there are other days where it seems like we are running out of time and the school year is rushing at us full speed. For some families, that is where the back-to-school panic really sets in! There are activities and outings to cram in, movies to see, festivals to attend, treats to make, projects to finish, school supplies to purchase, dorms to move into and so much more. The stress of this small list alone is overwhelming!

That's when a back-to-school backyard bash is the perfect distraction from the stress. Keep it simple! Invite your friends, neighbors and family. Ask everyone to bring something to share. (Be sure to check out 30Seconds Food for yummy recipes!) 

  • Set out drinks and treats for kids and adults of all ages to enjoy.

You'll all get to reminisce about your summer, laugh together and feel rejuvenated to finish up your summer. The kids will run around crazy, but let them. It's still summer! Enjoy!

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Elisa Schmitz
What a great way to celebrate the transition, Kim Kusiciel ! 🎈

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