Back-to-School Hack: Don't Waste Time Labeling School Supplies! Do This Instead! by Kim Kusiciel

Back-to-School Hack: Don't Waste Time Labeling School Supplies! Do This Instead!

I have kids ranging from first grade through sixth grade this year. Between the three of them, they have a LOT of supplies that need labeling and that can take a lot of time! As a classroom teacher myself, I can tell you that labeling supplies is important when it comes to items being lost or misplaced in the classroom. It helps everything make it back to the correct owner. However, a name on everything isn't necessary. 

One time-saving trick I have learned is to Washi, not label, everything. If you haven't heard of Washi tape yet, you will want to go pick some up ASAP. Have each child pick out a Washi tape roll with a unique design. Then, you and your kids (yes, your kids, all ages can help with this!) start wrapping the supplies with the tape. On larger items or the front of packages of things like crayons, you should still add their name, but for things like pencils, the tape and a small logo (my daughter likes a heart) will do the trick. 

Kids will easily know which supplies are theirs (and their classmates will, too), just by looking at them! Any hack that saves me time as both a mom and a teacher is welcomed! What back-to-school hacks do you use? Share them here!

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Donna John
Great tip, Kim Kusiciel! Makes it so much easier for Mom and the kids enjoy it because they get to pick out a fun pattern. Going to share this with my daughter, Ashlee Smith , who is about to have to label my little man's kindergarten supplies.
Kim Kusiciel
Thanks Donna John! My kids love to pick out a roll of Washi tape and then tape their supplies. My 5 year old helped with her own supplies last year. It was so helpful. Plus, any leftover tape can be used during the school year to tape up sack lunches, tape reminder notes on doors, and to decorate gifts. There are lots of fun ways to use Washi tape. :)
Elisa Schmitz
What a fabulous, fun idea! Thanks for the hack, Kim Kusiciel ! xo
Ann Marie Patitucci
I love this idea! Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us, Kim Kusiciel !
Ann Poyer
My girls LOVED getting into this together! We found some scotch expressions tape and went to town tonight! Thanks Kim Kusiciel !
Murray Febus
Cool topic
Thanx for posting this

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