Co-Parenting: 4 Ways Divorced Parents Can Put Their Children First! by Tom Templeton

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4 months ago
Co-Parenting: 4 Ways Divorced Parents Can Put Their Children First!

A divorced friend recently got in touch to discuss her daughter's increasing penchant for lying. Specific situations appear to trigger this behavior, particularly visits to dad's house. Straddling households can be stressful for children, and may result in previously uncommon behavior (like lying). But there are ways to help improve their experience going back and forth between homes. Here are a few!

  • Consistent parenting is key. Kids needs similar expectations in both places to avoid confusion.
  • To that end, if you feel safe, strive for regular, civil communication with your ex about what's going on in your kids' lives.
  • Do not enumerate your ex's faults in front of your kids. Ever. That's what friends and therapists are for.
  • Family counseling can help.

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Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Excellent tips, Tom Templeton ! Having "been there, done that," I can really empathize with your friend, and appreciate the wise insights you shared, thank you!
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
Wonderful advice, Tom Templeton! I'm sure it will help many! Thanks for sharing!

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