Time for Sleep: 3 Peaceful Activities to Calm Kids Before Bedtime by Dr. Jamie Krenn

a year ago
Time for Sleep: 3 Peaceful Activities to Calm Kids Before Bedtime

Children have very active minds. Before bed, it is best for them to have peaceful activities, such as reading, coloring or simply talking about their day. Any horseplay, tickling or interactions that make them "crazy-hyper-nuts" should be avoided before bedtime. And the American Academic of Pediatrics recommends no screens in a child's bedroom. Here are a few things you can try one hour ahead of bedtime:

  • Relaxed brushing teeth time. Lack of rushing is anxiety reducing. 
  • Packing the next day's lunches. They can help! 
  • Conversation starters: Ask them their favorite things. (What is everyone's favorite superhero? Food? Day of the week?)

Do your best to be screen-time free one hour before slumber. It may take some doing at first, but it will help your child rest easier.

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