​View Your Deal From "The View": Product Prices Slashed (& No Politics Involved) by Donna John

4 years ago
​View Your Deal From "The View": Product Prices Slashed (& No Politics Involved)

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Love View Your Deal on ABC’s “The View?” We do, too. Here are the new 2020 View Your Deal products!

Check out the 2019 View Your Deal products!

The almost-constant political talk on ABC’s “The View” does wear on me, but I am loving the show’s View Your Deal, which is featured every Monday. From beauty products to clothing to jewelry (and much more!), a variety of products' prices are slashed in half – and sometimes even more. The products are revealed and discussed during the program (weekdays at 11 a.m. ET and 10 a.m. CT/PT) and are available for about 24 hours while supplies last. 

Unlike many flash sales and deal sites that are operated by third parties, with View Your Deal, you are buying directly from each company. Each company is eager to wow you with significant savings on their top-quality products – and they’ll answer any questions you may have before purchasing or after you receive your order. 

You can even suggest a product to be considered. Just email your product idea to help@viewyourdeal.com. Some 2018 products featured include:

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Unicorn Gold
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Squatty Potty
Squatty Potty $20 & Up
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Food Huggers $9 & Up
Vahdam Teas
Vahdam Teas $11 & Up
Biaggi Luggage
Biaggi Luggage $52 & Up

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
This is so cool, thanks for sharing, Donna John !
Donna John
Yes! Great savings. I'm actually thinking of buying one of the sarongs they featured today from Simple Sarongs. Gotta get pool ready!
Donna John
Loved the items this morning! What did ya'll buy? Please share!
Julie Rose
I’m going to check out these deals, thanks
Donna John
Just ordered some compression gloves from Tommie Copper. I'll let ya'll know how they work for me. Getting arthritis in my hands from all the computer work. Fingers crossed.
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
The earring lifts are genius! Solves a definite problem!
Faye Nugent
I was interested in an item shown on "The View, Deal of the Day," and after spending a good time of the day, gave up on the ordering process! Even after chatting with someone who suggested I try ordering the item again, I still did not get any further. I actually made it to the payment part twice and no further. Very frustrated. The product was Chipolo key finders.
Donna John
Hi, Faye. We have nothing to do with the ordering. We just list the products featured from The View so all the weeks are in a convenient list for everyone. You will need to reach out from "The View's" View Your Deal website or the company directly if that's how you tried to order. Sorry you had a hard time. Here is the 2020 list of products: mom: "View Your Deal" Products for 2020: ABC's "The View" Can Save You Money With Great Weekly Deals

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