For the Love of the Game: My Husband's Advice to Our Sons About Sports by Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead

3 years ago
For the Love of the Game: My Husband's Advice to Our Sons About Sports

Recently, my sons had basketball games. My husband had to work, so he left them a note: "Good luck at your game, boys. Most importantly, HAVE FUN." His thoughtful message reminded them of what we value when it comes to sports:

  • team work
  • coachability
  • personal improvement
  • humility
  • having fun

Do we cheer when the boys score or play great defense? Of course! Skills building is part of the learning process. But when they run off the court, the first thing they’ll hear won’t be "You scored X points!" or "Why didn’t you score more?" Instead they’ll hear, "I loved watching you play!" or "I’m so proud of you for passing to everyone."

They’re young. There will be plenty of time for competitive play later. For now, I want them to just be kids and enjoy the game and playing with their teammates.

Mike Prochaska
Tell your husband he should come write tips too for 30second Dad
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
It might take YOU to convince him, Mike Prochaska ! :)

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