How to Survive a Winter "Snow Day" or "Too-Cold Day" With Your Kids by Kim Kusiciel

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3 years ago
How to Survive a Winter "Snow Day" or "Too-Cold Day" With Your Kids

Living in the Midwest comes with many perks, especially when it comes to the changing seasons. Our winters can take some getting used to, but they are a beautiful, albeit cold, time of the year. Everyone loves the glittery snow falling and the potential of a "Snow Day," or even a "Cold Day" when temperatures reach negative double digits! Here is how to be prepared when you have kids:

  • Have hot cocoa supplies on hand.
  • Have cookie-making supplies (homemade or pre-made works).
  • Endless blankets for optimum fort building.
  • New movie or On Demand/subscription rentals.
  • Popcorn or other snow-day treats.
  • Books or other quiet activities your kids enjoy.
  • Something to put in the slow cooker.

Kids likely will want to play in the snow. Let them – and then join them! Don't forget to capture it with pics, natch!

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