Holiday Hack: How to Wrap Gifts for Toddlers for Easy Unwrapping! by Kim Kusiciel

3 years ago
Holiday Hack: How to Wrap Gifts for Toddlers for Easy Unwrapping!

Kids love to open presents. I have found over the years that different family members wrap gifts differently for my kids. Here's my best tip to wrap gifts for kids under 5.

  1. Wrap the box and leave a finger between the layers before taping. 
  2. Leaving it loose, tape in the center of the wrapping space with only one piece of tape. 
  3. Wrap the sides of the package as usual, but leave it loose before taping (about the width of a finger). 
  4. Tape the side wrapping down in the center at the top only. 
  5. Flip your box over and smooth the paper out. Decorate with a stick-on bow and gift tag.

Then, sit back and enjoy your toddler opening presents independently! They will be so thrilled!!

Donna John
What a great tip, Kim Kusiciel! Thanks for sharing!
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Great ideas to make gift giving (and receiving) even better! Thanks for the great tip, Kim Kusiciel, and welcome to our 30Seconds tribe! xo
Kim Kusiciel
Thank you Donna John and Elisa All 30SecondMom !This trick has helped all my kids open presents
all by themselves. And we all know how little ones want to be "independent"!

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