Enhance Kids' Wellness Naturally With Rocky Mountain Oils' Amazing Kids Line! by Christine Jones

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6 years ago

Essential oils have powerful benefits, but I've always found it to be confusing trying to figure out how to use them on my kids. Until now! I'm thrilled that Rocky Mountain Oils has come out with a Kids Line that is safe to use on kids ages 2 and older. The Kids Line has 10 different blends, and each one comes in a pre-diluted, roll-on bottle for safe, simple and on-the-go application. Each blend was formulated to address a specific situation your child might encounter during their day. Some of my favorites are:

  • Bug Away helps to keeps those pesky bugs from biting kids.
  • Ouchie helps with those playground falls.
  • Concentrate clears kids' heads so they can concentrate on the task at hand.

To see all of the 10 blends in the full line click here. These oils have now become an important part of our nightly routine. We even brought a few of them away with us over the Thanksgiving break. The Counting Sheep formula helped my kids calm down and drift off to sleep quickly even though they were in a strange hotel room. 

If you're interested in learning more or trying Rocky Mountain Oils, visit their site here!

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Bug Away Essential Oil Blend
Bug Away Essential Oil Blend $14.95
The roll-on blend you never knew you needed for sports practice, camping trips and beyond!
Ouchie $14.95
Has an herbaceous, floral scent and will help your child overcome playground “ouchies” so he or she can return to the fun.
Concentrate $14.95
Has a soft, clean scent and can help your child shut out distractions and engage in their schoolwork and hobbies more effectively.
Counting Sheep
Counting Sheep $14.95
Has a warm, woodsy scent that calms the mind and body, leaving your little (and not so little!) ones relaxed and ready for bedtime.
Breathe $14.95
The perfect blend for dry winter nights and early spring days because it can help support balanced breathing.
Clear Head
Clear Head $14.95
Clear Head Essential Oil Blend’s Basil constituent is your secret weapon against your child's mental fatigue and head tension.
Immunity $14.95
The perfect Kids Line blend to send your child off to school with during the winter months to help protect against various environmental threats.
Muscle Soothe
Muscle Soothe $14.95
Has a sweet and spicy scent and can help relieve soreness after a long day on the baseball diamond or in the dance studio.
Tummy Time
Tummy Time $14.95
Has a sweet, black licorice-esque aroma. This blend can help relieve the occasional tummy ache.
Skin Balance
Skin Balance $14.95
Has a warm, musky scent and will leave skin softer and smoother than ever.
Kids Line Complete Kit
Kids Line Complete Kit $126
Get all 10 oils!

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Christie Gosch
I LOVE the Kids Line from RMO and so do my kids!
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
That is so awesome, Christie Gosch! I am ordering this today. At 40% off, it makes a great holiday gift for so many people I know!
Christie Gosch
I ordered some yesterday, great deal!
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
Awesome video, Chrissy Jones! I love this so much, and can't wait to order the Kids Line today for people I know would love it, thanks!

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