The U.S. Ranks in Top 10 for Empathy: How You Can Keep That Trend Going! by Kelli Porcaro

The U.S. Ranks in Top 10 for Empathy: How You Can Keep That Trend Going!

The good news: The United States ranks in the top 10 nations for empathy. The bad news? We are at risk of losing our spot if current trends in social media, parenting and bullying continue, according to a recent study lead author William Chopik. So what can you do to keep the trend moving forward? Empathy takes time. Start by slowing down and making time for those around you. Empathy requires you to understand, connect and be curious.

  • What might be going on with the other person?
  • How might he or she be feeling?
  • What need is underneath that feeling?
  • When have you felt something like this?
  • How can you share that connection with respect and appreciation?

The payoff is one big step to building positive relationships, and therefore, a more positive world! Read more here!

Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
Yes, we need more empathy at home and around the globe. Thank you for this great tip, Kelli Schulte!
Kelli Porcaro
It's funny Elisa All 30SecondMom but after writing this I've been hyper sensitive to trying to consider how the other person may be feeling in a particular moment. We never know for sure what they are experiencing or what all is playing into their response. It really helps you see things from different perspectives.

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