#StopMomShaming: How to Get Involved & Help Put an End to Mom Bullying! by Charong Chow

7 years ago

#StopMomShaming: How to Get Involved & Help Put an End to Mom Bullying!

Did you know that 80 percent of moms said they had been bullied for their parenting choices, according to a recent mom.life surey? I was personally shamed when breastfeeding in public and for having a home birth. Please support this effort to support moms and put an end to bullying, because there is no one correct way to parent.

Here's how to stop mom shaming:

  • Join or follow the conversation using the hashtag #StopMomShaming.
  • Create your own #StopMomShaming video, article or social post.
  • Read our blog post here, then tweet it and/or share on Facebook.
  • Share our infographic from our blog to your social networks.

Thank you so much for your support!

Elisa Schmitz
How sad that moms, who are among the most nurturing people, can sink to shaming each other based on differences in parenting styles or opinions. Thanks, Charong Chow, for sharing this important campaign to stop mom shaming and bullying!
Charong Chow
Thanks Elisa All 30SecondMom! Moms need to support each other. Being a mom is hard work. We don't need to be judged!

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