Work From Home? 3 Tips to Help (& Check Out This WAHM Workshop)! by Dr. Jamie Krenn

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6 years ago
Work From Home? 3 Tips to Help (& Check Out This WAHM Workshop)!

Feel free to freak out at first, because parenting and working is your homemade version of “learning by doing” practice in cognitive science (meaning you have to think about your thinking processes and think how you will have time to think!). After you have that out of your system, understand that there are many variables now in your life besides work, spouse and self-care. No matter what type of parent you are, it is overwhelming to mix anything with caring for small children. Here are three tips for WAHMs!

  • Be present and focused as best you can to both audiences, your kid vs. co-workers, clients, students, etc.
  • Teach kids effective ways of getting your attention. Encourage “excuse me.”
  • Before a work-from-home workday, prepare independent play activities. It may be as simple as bringing out a small blanket or mat with arranged toys near your office space.

For more work-from-home tips click here! Learn about an upcoming workshop for WAHMs through CoHatchery here!

Donna John
I've worked from home since '99, and it is harder than most think. It's a blessing, but requires discipline and lots of patience if you have little ones at home. (And it helps if you love what you do!) Love that you're having a workshop to help WAHMs, @jkrenn. Much needed!

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