Have to Take Your Child to Work With You? 8 Tips to Help! by Dr. Jamie Krenn

6 years ago
Have to Take Your Child to Work With You? 8 Tips to Help!

Along with wearing the hat of CoHatchery's Chief Learning Officer, I am also a regular adjunct assistant professor at a handful of universities in the tri-state area. The majority of the time, I work from home running online classes and meeting with my students over several different digital platforms that allow me to be home with my 4-year-old on a regular basis.

However, during the summer, I partake in a live lecture program. Every year, I make childcare arrangements well in advance. This summer was a bit different. Nana, my primary caretaker, fell and broke her ankle during a fun day of play, rendering her immobile. Thus, I had to take my child to work for the day. Here are some suggestions that may help.

  • Ask your boss/company/supervisor. It is always polite to do so, and you should find out about any liability issues that would prevent you from bringing in your child.
  • Talk about tomorrow the night before. When your child sees you interacting with other people, they may feel neglected if they are not addressed right away. Simply tell the child how the day may unfold.
  • Before the workday, prepare independent play activities. It may be as simple as bring a small blanket or mat and arranging toys, coloring books and the like around.
  • Don't feel guilty about using technology. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics has loosened their restrictions on screen time a bit on a case by case basis. 

Get four more tips here!

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