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Come Chat With Peapod - It Delivers for Busy Moms & Families! by Cheryl Leahy

8 years ago
Come Chat With Peapod - It Delivers for Busy Moms & Families!

30Second Mom is proud to announce our partnership with Peapod, the leading online grocery store that delivers for moms! As moms, we wear every hat imaginable, which usually includes grocery shopper and chef. The time it takes to pack up the family, head to the grocery store, hunt down countless items for recipes and drag the heavy bags into the house takes its toll. That’s why 30Second Mom LOVES Peapod! We appreciate that we can shop economically without leaving the comfort of our own homes. And, we even use those spare minutes in the carpool like to order groceries with the Peapod app!

Here’s what 30Second Mom loves about Peapod: shopping with them saves you time and money, they make grocery shopping a snap on the go with the Peapod mobile app, and the quality of their products is top notch.

Many of our 30Second Moms use Peapod for their grocery needs, and we’ll be featuring a number of tips on our site about how Peapod delivers for us. Want to see how the service works? We’ll be showing you how incredibly easy it is, and you might just wonder how you lived without it!

Want to learn more? We’re hosting a 30Second Mom Twitter chat featuring @PeapodDelivers as our special guest on Wednesday, September 24 at 8pm CT. Just follow the #30SecondMom and #Peapod4Moms hashtags to join in. It’s Peapod’s 25th anniversary, and YOU get the presents! We have a few surprises up our sleeves, including the chance to win gift cards, promo codes and, as always, a ton of fun at the best moms’ night in on Twitter! Don’t miss it – RSVP now!

Sponsored by Peapod.

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