Want to Watch Your Child Blossom? You Already Know How, Mom! by Gail Harris

Want to Watch Your Child Blossom? You Already Know How, Mom!

Read the books and check the sites, then look inward for the answers. Your intuition will tell you what to do. For example, if after going to bed your child cries out, “Mommy, I want a glass of water,” your intuition will tell you whether she is really thirsty or needs comforting. Your intuition guides you daily about your child, yourself, your life. Here are some tips to help you recognize it!

  • Intuition feels like an inner coach.
  • Intuition mirrors your deepest desires.
  • Intuition makes you feel calm and joyful.
  • Intuition lovingly guides you to shift course.
  • Intuition never wants you to doubt yourself.

A self-aware mom makes for a thriving child!

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Pam McCormick
A great reminder for us to LISTEN to that inner voice of intuition. Thank you!
Gail Harris
You're welcome @dancinmoma. I need to remind myself as well. Are you a dancer?
Gail Harris
Pam McCormick Actually I just read your profile and see that you are. What kind of dancing do you love? I took ballet when I was a kid for many years. For me, dancing is my deepest creative expression, probably even more than writing, which I see you do, too. I knew that it was not in the cards for me to be a professional dancer, so I found another outlet for my creativity and message I could earn a living at. Writing and coaching. What do you write about?
Naimah Razak
Such a great reminder to remind us to follow our intuition so that we can shine our brightest!
Gail Harris
Thanks @naimah. We all need reminders, don't we?

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