Wedding Fails & Funnies: Why Brides & Grooms Should Look Forward to Wedding Mishaps by Ingrid Echter

2 years ago
Wedding Fails & Funnies: Why Brides & Grooms Should Look Forward to Wedding Mishaps

Look forward to the mishaps at your wedding instead of stressing about them. Once you have planned everything – let go and enjoy the ride. At that point if anything does go “wrong” that you did not plan on, it will happen regardless, so worrying over it won’t help anyway. 

Instead, view this situation as a fun story to share later with your guests, friends and perhaps the grandkids one day.

One day down the road you are more likely to remember and laugh at a broken shoe or collapsed cake than a perfectly ideal flower bouquet. Although, at the time it occurs, it can feel like the worst thing ever.

Life is not perfect … which makes it perfect, really. Enjoy your “perfect” wedding day!

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You're so right. It seems horrible in the moment, but ends up being a sweet memory.
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Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
So true, Ingrid Echter ! Thanks for the refreshing perspective!

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