St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids: Have a Gold Coin Hunt! by Pam McCormick

8 years ago

St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids: Have a Gold Coin Hunt!

Think of a gold coin hunt this as an egg hunt, but using candy gold coins. Hide them throughout the house on St. Patrick’s Day. For younger kids, it’s fun to find and drop them in a small pot for a coordination activity, but as kids grow, you can use the coins to buy time or adventure. Examples: 

  • five gold coins for a movie with Mom and Dad
  • four gold coins for a game night choice
  • 6 gold coins for an extra 10 minutes at bedtime

You get the idea! To make it fair, each child is supposed to find a certain amount of coins, and once they have reached the limit, they help their siblings. Together you can discover the real treasure: sharing time!

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