Experience Life Through the Eyes of Your Child - It's Magical! Here’s How! by Pam McCormick

Experience Life Through the Eyes of Your Child - It's Magical! Here’s How!

What “lens” are you using to perceive the world? Try looking at life through the “lens” of a child – it can be simply mesmerizing. Like the moment my daughter saw the ocean for the first time. It takes your breath away, touches your soul and fills you with joy. You can take the magnificence in; the sights, sounds and feeling of the water as it hits your feet. You are IN the moment and living FOR the moment. 

So today, tap into your inner child or watch a child’s face when they see something for the first time. It’s magical. It’s a beautiful gift you can capture each day!

Donna John
Great advice and a beautiful picture of your daughter, Pam McCormick! Thank you for sharing!
Pam McCormick
Thank you! It was an incredible moment to see her appreciate the beauty in front of her! :)
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
Such a lovely reminder to live in the moment, as children do. I wish we never lost this gift. Thanks for bringing it back to us, Pam McCormick! xoxo
Pam McCormick
Thank you! I try to "live in the moment" when I can, but in the rush of daily life it's nice to have a little reminder! :)
Kelli Porcaro
Perfect timing as we head out for a family vacation....even with young adult children. We already have tubing and cliff jumping on the agenda (times!)
Pam McCormick
That's the spirit!! :)

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