Baseball Safety: How to Keep Kids Safe During Baseball Games Safety

Baseball is so fun to play and to watch. But accidents often occur when kids aren’t even in the game, but still in the area, such as in dugouts and on-deck circles. Coaches and parents need to help kids keep their heads in the game even if they aren’t on the field. 

  • Dugouts should be taller than the children’s heads to provide protection. 
  • On-deck circles should not be on the playing field, but rather placed in an area where the on-deck batter can’t injure someone passing by.

Awareness goes a long way toward safety. Even with the best prevention strategies in place, injuries are bound to occur. Here's some things to keep in mind:

  • To be prepared, a first-aid kit should be at every baseball/sports field.
  • There should be an adult at every game who knows how to provide first aid. 
  • It’s also important to know where the closet medical center is in case of serious injury or emergency. Let technology help: Google Maps is great for that. 

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