Sports Shoulder & Elbow Injuries in Kids: 7 Ways to Help Prevent Sports Injuries in Baseball Pitchers Kids' Health

Baseball pitchers tend to have more shoulder and elbow injuries than other players due to overuse. Here are some tips to keep your little pitcher healthy:

  • To ensure a child is able to pitch in the future, keep an eye on pitch count.
  • Make sure pitchers learn proper techniques.
  • Anyone younger than 14 shouldn't throw curve balls.
  • Sliders shouldn't be thrown until age 16.
  • Parents and coaches should pay attention to pain.
  • Elbow and shoulder injuries can be extremely dangerous because they may impact the growth plate.
  • If a child is throwing erratically or says he or she is in pain, take him or her out of the game and get it checked by a physician or trainer.

Now, batter up!

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Donna John
My son had a shoulder injury due to baseball. So important to be vigilant about their health and safety when they're playing sports.
Very good advice.
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