Cold & Flu Season: 3 Natural Supplements to Help You Stay Healthy Family Health Nutrition

Jonny Bowden
6 years ago

Don’t let cold and flu season take you and your family down this year! There are some great natural supplements available at the grocery store or pharmacy that will strengthen your immune system:

  • Zinc: Your cells need this mineral to fight bacteria and viruses. Your body has no specific storage sites for zinc, so take it on a daily basis. If you do get sick, zinc might help shorten the length of your illness. I recommend 15mg a day during “regular” times and 50mg a day at the first sign of a cold or flu.
  • Black Elderberry: One of the most powerful berries in the world is black elderberry. But unfortunately, you won’t find them at the grocery store. (They’re impossible to find and taste horrible.) What you will find is an extract of black elderberry sold over-the-counter as Sambucol. It can reduce the severity of, and shorten the duration of, the flu by up to four days. The gummies are great for kids because they contain no artificial flavors or colors.
  • Vitamin A: It’s an immune system booster like almost nothing else, even though few people outside the health professions know this. I recommend 50,000 IUs for three days in a row if you start to feel something coming on.

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Donna John
Love that your shared natural ways to combat colds, Jonny Bowden . I used to pop Advil Cold & Sinus when I felt bad, but had an issue with it raising my blood pressure. Going to order all three of these supplements from Amazon today. Welcome to the tribe! Can't wait to learn more from you.
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