Get Ahead of Your New Year’s Resolutions Now: 3 Ways to Jump Start Healthy Eating! by Susan Bowerman

3 years ago
Get Ahead of Your New Year’s Resolutions Now: 3 Ways to Jump Start Healthy Eating!

December is full of holiday gatherings and food galore and will leave you vowing to give up sweets, cook more meals at home and commit to daily exercise when the ball drops at midnight on January 1. But a cold-turkey approach (no pun intended), is generally not the best way to go about it. Making small changes now can lead to long-term success in the New Year. Get a jump start on your resolutions with these simple tips:

  • Mind your portions. Use smaller plates or bowls. Keep serving dishes off the table to avoid the temptation to take another helping.
  • Snack smart. A healthy snack that combines some carbohydrates with enough protein to satisfy can help you control your daily calorie intake by keeping your hunger in check.

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