Summer Allergies: 6 Ways to Beat Allergens & Reduce Your Symptoms by Cindy Cooke, DNP, FNP-C, FAANP

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6 years ago

Summer Allergies: 6 Ways to Beat Allergens & Reduce Your Symptoms

Summertime is fun – unless you have allergies that won’t let you breathe. Don’t let sniffles and sneezes keep you from enjoying your summer. Take advantage of these simple ways to reduce allergy symptoms!

  • Wash your hair at night to rinse out pollen.
  • De-stress yourself with quiet time. Stress can worsen allergies.
  • Use a saline sinus rinse to clear out allergens.
  • Take an antihistamine to reduce symptoms,
  • Keep your home cool and dry to avoid dust mites.
  • Wash bedding and towels weekly in hot water.

There may not be a cure for allergies, but allergic reactions can be easily mitigated. To seek treatment for serious allergy symptoms, visit your health care practitioner or go to to find a nurse practitioner near you.

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