Asthma Inhalers: Are They Stunting Your Child’s Growth? Read This! by Joy Stephenson-Laws JD

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10 months ago
Asthma Inhalers: Are They Stunting Your Child’s Growth? Read This!

For children, growth is everything, and some asthma medications unfortunately may stunt growth. Steroids like fluticasone and beclomethasone are meant to be taken as asthma preventers – daily. But fluticasone (Flovent), for example, was found in a review of published research to reduce growth by half a centimeter per year in kids under 18.

Explore possible treatment options. Some children with asthma may be successfully treated with leukotriene inhibitors (reduces inflammation) or with magnesium – and neither cause growth problems. Magnesium’s ability to open up your bronchi, which are the main passageways for air to get into your lungs, as well as anti-inflammatory effects make this a promising treatment option to discuss with your child’s doctor.

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Nicole DeAvilla
I wish I knew this when my daughter was growing up.
Joy Stephenson-Laws JD
Me 2. My son used these inhalers frequently as a kid and it affected his growth. His shoe size is 12 and he is 5'8 - he was supposed to be 6'2 according to his doctors. I would have looked at alternatives if I had known about them at the time.

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