An Exercise Hormone That Keeps Fat Away? You've Gotta Read This! by Mei Marcie

4 years ago
An Exercise Hormone That Keeps Fat Away? You've Gotta Read This!

A study by researchers at the University of Florida found that a hormone released during exercise not only helps the body shed fat, but also prevents it from forming. Say what? This hormone, known as irisin, was discovered in 2012 by Harvard researchers and found to be able to switch on genes that convert white fat into brown fat, which is the "good" fat that burns more calories.

The study found that not only does irisin convert white fat into brown fat, it also burns fat by increasing the amount of energy used by brown fat cells. Irisin, therefore, helps to explain how exercise can prevent fat buildup and promote the development of strong bones. Previous studies found that irisin improves heart function and may reduce atherosclerosis.

With so much health benefits, there's no reason not to exercise! Read more about this study here!

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