5 Things Everyone Should Have in Their Gym Bag! by Felicia Stoler

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7 years ago

5 Things Everyone Should Have in Their Gym Bag!

What does a top dietitian keep in her gym bag? Here are five things you’ll find in mine!

  • Water – Choose an environmentally friendly BPA-free reusable water bottle. You need 8 ounces for each 15 minutes you're active.
  • Makeup remover pads – Don't workout in makeup! This can lead to clogged pores and a post-workout breakout if you're acne prone.
  • Vitamin C – Beat those gym germs from the dirty equipment by supplementing 500 to 3,000mg a day.
  • Sunscreen – So important to use if you're working out outside! Aim for SPF 30 and choose one without undesirable chemicals like benzone derivates (i.e. oxybenzone).
  • Extra protein – Choose a clean, grass-fed whey or vegan protein powder free of added sugar, artificial flavors and colors. I enjoy the Bodylogix or Kaizen brand. I mix it with coconut or almond mix and a small scoop of my favorite fruit for a post-workout protein shake.

Now you're set to workout!

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Chef Gigi
❤️❤️❤️❤️ I'm a total gym rat ! I never thought about the eye make up remover pads- GREAT idea cause girl you know I'm looking a bit haggard after my lifts! This tip will spruce me right up! TY!!!!!! 🏋💪🏼
Felicia Stoler
Awesome Chef Gigi Gaggero! I'm happy to hear you liked the tip! I am a bit of a gym rat myself and taking off my makeup is always my first go-to!

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