Dread Morning Workouts? 3 Ways to Psych Yourself Up for Success! by Jennifer Young

2 years ago
Dread Morning Workouts? 3 Ways to Psych Yourself Up for Success!

I know it’s hard to get yourself pumped up for those early morning workouts. I've found myself with an internal battle to move. But alas, I started doing these three simple tricks that have helped me get moving in the morning.

  • Make a date with yourself. I mark it on my morning workouts on my calendar to help get me mental ready. Also, do not schedule anything else to prevent the burn.
  • Do not hit the snooze button. Hitting snooze can have an adverse effect. You'll wake up less refreshed because of the broken interrupted sleep.
  • Dress the part. If I plan on running, I go to bed with the running clothes on and my sneakers near my bed ready for action.

I find these three easy steps help make my morning workouts a success!

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