Mommy Meditation: How to Meditate When Your Kids Are Around! by Kathy Shimmield

5 years ago
Mommy Meditation: How to Meditate When Your Kids Are Around!

When my son was little, he wouldn't nap. To find time to meditate, I would go into his room (after making sure it was babyproofed in every way possible known to man) and give him a few toys that he only got to play with when I meditated. I would sit for this type of meditation. If I had laid myself down, he would have very quickly been upon me! 

Try sitting with your back against a wall with your legs crossed in front of you (bottoms of feet touching each other). This is the position I found most relaxing. If your child keeps crawling all over you, try end of day when you may have "backup!"

Mommy Meditation: You Have to Find Time to Make It Work for You!

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