Essential Oils: 2 Ways They Can Help Boost Your Immune System! by Nicole DeAvilla

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4 years ago
Essential Oils: 2 Ways They Can Help Boost Your Immune System!

“Is that your spicy water mom?” I answer yes with a smile. The “spicy” water in my water bottle helps keep me from catching colds and the flu in two ways:

  • My kids won’t grab my water bottle out of convenience instead of finding theirs.
  • The “spice” is a few drops of Doterra essential oil blend, On Guard. Therapeutic grade pure essential oil blends can boost the immune system.
  • I sip on my spicy water all day long when I travel so I don't get sick.
  • The essential oils give a nice flavor to the water so I drink more and that is good for my health.

Keep yourself healthy and protected with just a few drops of pure essential oil in your water bottle. 

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