Kids & Rashes: When Should Parents Be Concerned? Find Out! by Dr. Heidi Renner

Kids & Rashes: When Should Parents Be Concerned? Find Out!

It’s common for kids to get rashes, and it’s also common for parents to be concerned. Rashes can scary for a parent, especially if it’s one they haven’t seen before. The causes of rashes vary greatly and that can be frustrating. The rash could be caused by:

  • an allergy
  • a chronic condition such as eczema
  • a reaction to a medication 
  • a viral illness

And that's just to name a few! The good news? Most of the time when a child has a rash it’s not cause for concern and should resolve on its own or with an easy treatment. If you’re concerned, always talk to your doctor.

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Mike Prochaska
My kids are always getting rashes in the winter

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