High Ceilings? Rescue Your Kid's Balloon During Playtime Easily With This Parenting Hack! by Wendy Wright

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2 years ago
High Ceilings? Rescue Your Kid's Balloon During Playtime Easily With This Parenting Hack!

Balloons and childhood go hand in hand, but in my house, that usually means the string comes off and I have a child in tears. At home, our ceilings are tall and I am short, which is a horrible balloon-rescuing combination. I've found that quick thinking and tools I have on hand can rescue the balloon in less than 30 seconds! 

  • Grab a broom or an extra rod from the closet.
  • Add a loop of tape with the sticky part on the outside. 
  • The handle reaches the balloon and the tape sticks to the balloon. 

My son's jaw dropped when I did this yesterday. Mom's a super hero (no cape required!).

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