Take Great Videos of Kids: 7 Tips to Help Capture Natural Moments in Your Child's Life! by Alex Bryant

Take Great Videos of Kids: 7 Tips to Help Capture Natural Moments in Your Child's Life!

Ever wonder how to capture your children in a very natural way on video? Here are some tips that might help you bring natural moments that can capture beautiful moments in your child's life on camera!

  • Go to where the fun is at.
  • Record at your kid's level.
  • Be silly. Kids love when you engage with them. Jokes, stories, funny ideas – you both will enjoy time together.
  • Vary the angles. Shoot closeups of their beautiful smiles, or pull back and show kid in the environment. Different angles tell a complete story.
  • Give them a prop. Kids can use a prop to help tell a story and bring the viewer in more.
  • Play along. The minute your child's imagination is activated, go with it. Be part of the story. Show your connection.
  • Use the ViGO Video app. What the app allows you to do is share video moments easily. How? You can edit as you record, which helps add dimension to the story.

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Alex Bryant
Thanks Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds! I love this app so much. It's a great blend of music and video.
Sheri B Doyle
The app looks great, thanks for the tip!

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