The Beauty of Gray Hair: 10 Easy Ways to Love Your Gray Hair by Dr. Gaby Longsworth

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The Beauty of Gray Hair: 10 Easy Ways to Love Your Gray Hair

I'm a gray hair advocate and personally promote the beauty of gray hair and embracing it as you age. Here are 10 easy ways to love your gray hair!

1. Cherish the Process

If you have colored your hair to hide the gray, it is not an easy feat to stop dyeing. Many women have been taught from a young age that aging (and graying) is undesirable. For many women, growing out the gray is the most painful, slowest part of the “going gray” process. It is truly a journey of personal discovery. That said, if you cannot stand how long the transition is taking, you could use a root concealer to help blend your color.

2. Trim the Colored Ends

As you grow out the gray, trim the ends every three to six months to speed up the transition, or chop off a bit more. Gray hair grows faster than pigmented hair.

3. Moisturize and Hydrate Often

Gray curly hair can be drier and coarser than pigmented curly hair. Luckily, curlies do not have to change their routine too much. Incorporate a hot oil massage into your routine at least once a week or every two weeks. You may also need to deep condition more frequently and use heavier conditioning products. Or you may need to use a more moisturizing leave-in conditioner. The crown area may look especially frizzy while going gray. Those are actually new gray hairs growing in. When finally free from dye, your scalp (and edges) will be healthier and support new hair growth.

4. Glossing or Glazing the Gray

Glossing or glazing over the gray can add back some of the shine that we all crave, and has great conditioning properties. Inquire about a gloss or glaze treatment at the salon. But stay away from any treatments requiring harmful chemicals or bleaching.

5. Go Gray in Secret

If you cannot commit to giving up the dye, only dye small sections of your hair and part your hair in such a way that the dyed section covers most of your gray. You can do smaller and smaller sections as time goes by until you are ready to go fully gray.

6. Y Is for Yellowing

To prevent gray hair from yellowing, wrap a pretty scarf or head wrap around your curls or wear a hat if you will be in the sun for extended periods of time. It is primarily the sun’s UV rays that cause the yellowing of gray hair. (Vitamin C serum can also cause yellowing so be careful when applying it to the face.) Using “clean” clear or white color products will help in keeping your silvers, well, silver.

7. Purple or Blue

If your hair is already yellowing, try using a purple (for blonds) or blue (for brunettes) shampoo or conditioner once or twice a month. You can also add blue or purple toning drops to your favorite shampoo and conditioner for a cheaper alternative. Do not add the drops to the bottle, but instead mix it up in a separate bowl. Also, avoid using yellow or darker colored hair products; clear, white or light colors are better for silver hair.

8. Be Patient

You will not see results overnight. If you are committed to ditching the dye, you will be rewarded with more silver every month, as your hair grows naturally. Using “clean” products will make your hair and scalp healthier as well. Depending on how long your hair is, the process of growing out your silver can take six to 24 months. You can always change your mind if you do not like how it makes you feel or look.

9. Stay Young at Heart

When you grow out the gray, reevaluate your entire look. The colors you used to wear may need to be updated. Your grays may benefit from a more flattering hairstyle. A change in your haircut, glasses (shape and color), lipstick shades and clothes can significantly enhance your complexion and keep the motivation going.

10. Follow Gray Haired Models

Many silver queens on Instagram are truly inspiring.

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What an encouraging perspective. Love gray hair, don’t care.
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