Beauty Trends: How to Make Faux Freckles & Bring Out Your Inner Pixie in 10 Simple Steps by Cassie All

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5 months ago

Beauty Trends: How to Make Faux Freckles & Bring Out Your Inner Pixie in 10 Simple Steps

Freckles are back and better than ever. Even if you don’t have natural freckles, you can bring out your inner pixie by creating faux freckles. It’s easy to up the cute factor and get a more youthful, yet glamorous, look.

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What you’ll need:

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start with your usual makeup routine (such as applying sunscreen, moisturizer, concealer, etc.).
  2. Apply a layer of foundation or BB cream.
  3. Depending on your skin tone, choose an eye shadow color that will have enough contrast against your skin (I chose a light brown).
  4. Using a very fine makeup brush, add dots (freckles) where you would like them, such as across the bridge of your nose, on your cheeks, etc.
  5. Make the freckles as small or as large as you want them, or various sizes and shapes.
  6. If you have any natural freckles, you can use the makeup brush and eye shadow to make them darker where they already naturally appear.
  7. Use your finger to tap each freckle a few times to soften and diffuse the freckles and create a more natural effect. This will make your freckles look more authentic.
  8. To prevent the freckles from smudging, use a coating of loose translucent powder (or your preferred shade).
  9. Apply makeup setting spray to finish your face.
  10. Enjoy the compliments you'll get on your faux freckles.

Feel free to play around with what works best for your face. Be creative and have fun with your look.

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Ann Marie Patitucci
I love freckles! You look beautiful, Cassie All ! Thanks for the great tip!
Elisa Schmitz
Looking at your face, no one would ever know your freckles aren't real. You did an amazing job, Cassie All ! Thank you for sharing your technique with us. You look stunning. I want to try this, especially because my freckles have faded with age. You make me want them back! :-) Can't wait for more tips from you. xoxo
So pretty and natural looking
Meredith Schneider
Love this tip! What a fun beauty tip. Wouldn't know they weren't real you look beautiful! I'm gonna share this with my 14yr old daughter. Maybe this will help her embrace her freckles more and not want to cover them up. She loves trying new make-up techniques and has all the items listed above LOL! Thanks for sharing Cassie All!

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