Best Winter Skin-care Products: Treat Dry Skin With These 10 Tried-and-True Beauty Products by Belinda Lichty Clarke

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2 years ago

Best Winter Skin-care Products: Treat Dry Skin With These 10 Tried-and-True Beauty Products

Forced heat, zero humidity and plunging temps are all bad news for your skin. Here are 10 ways to smooth, de-flake and hydrate your skin:

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Anne Marie Tarjan Robbins
Dry brushing daily is also helpful. It helps with the lymphatic system and gets the flakey dry skin off. Ten minutes a day before putting lotion on or in the shower. Go in annupward motion, towards the heart, starting with your feet.
Julie Rose
Great tips, thanks. Love your suggestion, Anne Marie Tarjan Robbins , too. Belinda Lichty Clarke
Donna John
My skin is so dry right now. Thanks for sharing these products, Belinda Lichty Clarke . Going to order one or two.
Skincare Top List
You can also use specific soap for dry skin. By seeing my husband’s experience, I know that the a good soap for dry skin must not contain deep cleansing ingredients or irritants like BHA, witch hazel, menthol, or alcohol. Dry skin should look for these ingredients in your body care products:

- Butters like shea butter, sweet almond butter, or cocoa butter
- Plant oils like avocado oil, olive oil, or coconut oil

These butters and oils contain high levels of fatty acids and vitamins. They will provide you with necessary nutrients and seal moisture in.

- Glycerin: Glycerin is a water-absorbing substance. Water is preserved in the compound's self and then penetrates into the skin. From there, the skin will always be provided with the necessary moisture naturally and fully. That is the reason why Glycerin presents in most moisturizing products. Plus, Hyaluronic Acid or Ceramides are the real deals too.

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