Love Shoes? 3 Steps to Organize Your Shoe Collection & Closet! by Bonnie Hillman Shay

a year ago
Love Shoes? 3 Steps to Organize Your Shoe Collection & Closet!

If your closet looks like the aftermath of a shoe explosion, it’s time to get serious about organizing your shoes. Let’s get started!

  1. Really consider each pair. Do you love them? Are they comfortable? Are they in style? Do they go with any of your outfits? If the answer is no, bag them up to donate. Now you’re ready to organize the keepers.
  2. Put the shoes you don’t wear often into clear storage boxes to keep them dust free. Snap a photo of the shoes and tape it to the end of the box. Stack the boxes with the photo facing out.
  3. Line up the shoes you wear often on a shelf or along the floor. Place one shoe of each pair with the heel facing out and one shoe with the toe facing out. This will allow you to quickly see all angles of the shoes in your collection and save space.

Now step back and celebrate your success and how good you feel having an organized shoe collection.

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