Organize the Baby Nursery: 5 Tips to Help Mom-to-be Streamline & Reduce Stress! by Jamie Martin

Organize the Baby Nursery: 5 Tips to Help Mom-to-be Streamline & Reduce Stress!

Babies come with a lot of stuff! Streamline the nursery to reduce stress! Here's how:

  • Minimize the baby equipment registry. Many babies won’t need some items, like swings or wipe warmers. Shop later for new necessities with gift cards.
  • Sort clothes by size and store in labeled boxes in the baby’s closet so you have the next size ready when the time comes. Store outgrown clothes in same boxes so they’ll be ready for the next baby or donation.
  • Exchange some gifted baby clothes for a larger size because babies grow so fast the first two years.
  • Streamline laundry by keeping a bottle of stain remover in the baby’s room so you can pre-spot stains as they go into the laundry bag.
  • Store dirty socks in lingerie bags and attach bag to hamper with a big clip. Wash the socks in the bag so they don’t get lost.

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Donna John
Love the idea of the lingerie bag clipped to the hamper, Jamie Martin . I can't tell you how many of my kids' baby socks went missing.
Jamie Martin
Yes, those little socks like to get stuck in places, never to be seen again! You can learn more tips on organizing for baby at

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