It's OK to Help Your Teen Find Her First Job, Mom & Dad: Here's Why! Teens Parenting

It's hard for teenagers to get their first job. Things are very different these days. For big chain stores, applications are mostly done online, which takes away the personal touch. The chance of a teen getting a job is like a shot in the dark. 

  • Instead, try having them apply to a small businesses. 
  • Also, approach friends who are small business owners. They may be willing to hire someone they know rather than a stranger. 

Helping your teen find their first job is a good way to improve their self-esteem. Once hired, they will have a better chance of getting their next job on their own!

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Bill James
Here in Aus, work experience via voluntary work (even in an unrelated field) is such an established route to getting part time work, that it's in 'danger' of becoming a requirement.
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