Too Many Children's Books? This Party Idea Will Help You Organize & Socialize! by Bernice Wood

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6 years ago

Too Many Children's Books? This Party Idea Will Help You Organize & Socialize!

My kids love books and they seem to multiply around my house. We enjoy passing books on when we we're done with them so others can enjoy them. Here's an idea to clear some clutter and share your love of reading with friends and family: host a book swap! 

  • Invite friends and family to box up books they have outgrown and bring them to the party. 
  • Along with food and fun, each family can go through each others books and find new treasures to take home. 

This is an awesome thing to do at the beginning of every season so kids can enjoy reading all year long!

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Nancy Carpenter
Love the book swap party idea. I used to love the Weekly Reader books that came out monthly in my grade school (have I just dated myself? ). I decided to become the Weekly Reader for my nieces, nephews, & now their children, and send packets of books via snail mail at odd intervals. (I'm not too regular). I
LOVE getting their reactions and sharing old favorites this way. And I have certain titles that I feel suit the kiddos to a tee. Share, share, share.

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