#MotherhoodRocks: Life Feel Like a Virtual Reality Game? Then Get Real! by Gail Harris

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5 years ago

#MotherhoodRocks: Life Feel Like a Virtual Reality Game? Then Get Real!

Been taking on too much lately? Not feeling grounded? Like a mouse waltzing in a cage? I’ve been there – when there was just too much to do. If I took on one more thing, I’d be like Kate Reddy, the heroine in, “I Don’t Know How She Does It” by Amanda Pearson, and lose myself completely. But I got real, took off the blinders and took back my power. Here’s my story:

A new book project came in that I wanted badly. But I knew if I took it on my family would slip between the cracks. My son especially needed me. My husband was traveling more than usual. I had minor health issues. And other projects to finish. So, I trusted the spiritual truth that when I stand in my OWN truth, life rearranges itself to accommodate me! I told my potential client the situation, thinking it would be the end. Low and behold, the Red Sea parted: my husband’s travel diminished, two projects went on hold, I had a newfound energy.

I took on the new project, and later was a finalist for an IPNE Book Award for the memoir, “Finding Zoe.” My ship came in by standing in my truth. And seeing myself the way God sees me. With the light in my eyes. So, mom, how will you take back your life?

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"Finding Zoe": A Beautiful Journey Into the World of Adoption & the Deaf Community

#MotherhoodRocks: Why You Need to See Yourself Through Your Child's Eyes

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