Parents, Stop Playing Good Cop/Bad Cop: Here are 6 Ways to Parent As a Team! by Sheryl Gould

7 years ago

Parents, Stop Playing Good Cop/Bad Cop: Here are 6 Ways to Parent As a Team!

For parents, playing "Good Cop/Bad Cop" is a common scenario in many families. When parents play on the same team, it's better for our kids  – and for our marriages. Here are six ways to learn to compromise and become team players:

  • Have an open conversation to understand each other's perspective free from distractions and outside the heat of the moment.
  • Don't get stuck in who is “right” or “wrong.”
  • Discuss how you were both parented. When you talk about how you were raised, you will build empathy and a greater understanding of why you each parent the way you do.
  • Find middle ground. Be flexible. Compromise requires that you have to give up something, but you will gain much more as a result.
  • Talk about common goals and values for your children.
  • Discuss ahead of time how you will handle common issues when they arise.

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Donna John
What a great tip, momsoftweensandteens! So many parents do this. Thanks for sharing this with the tribe!
Ann Marie Patitucci
I love this. Such helpful and important advice, momsoftweensandteens !

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