Pretend Play: How Kids Can Use Gibberish to Get Into Halloween Character by Jocelyn Greene

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6 years ago

Pretend Play: How Kids Can Use Gibberish to Get Into Halloween Character

Gibberish is a fantastic tool for play! Kids even love the word "gibberish" – it's a fancy way to say that it's OK to speak nonsense! Having a conversation in gibberish in their Halloween character unleashes kids’ ability to make-believe with language and gives them permission to not get it right. They can make the "sound" of what they feel, even if they don’t necessarily have the exact ideas down.

Batman can animatedly describe a plot or Tinkerbell can warn you not to drink the poison, and it’s OK that they aren’t getting out complex ideas – kids are explaining themselves through emotion! They'll be psyched to make wild sounds if you are doing it with them! So carry on a real-sounding conversation and ask them questions about their life, all in gibberish!

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Donna John
What a fun idea, Jocelyn Greene! My grandson loves to talk gibberish. I'll have to start joining the conversation!
Jocelyn Greene
Hey Donna John - So glad you liked it. I sometimes like to clap my hands and then we switch over to English and then clap again and we go back to gibberish. In that way the kids can play around with adding in real words to their visceral feelings too!
Naimah Razak
Haha never thought of it this way!

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