Chicago Sports Museum: Test Your Reach & Ability at the Chicago Sports Museum! Chicago Traveling With Kids

The Chicago Sports Museum is packed with cool interactive exhibits celebrating Chicago’s sports stars. The first series of exhibits allows visitors to test their strength, agility and size against that of many of the Chicago greats. You also can sit in a replica of the Wrigley Field broadcast booth and test your knowledge with the giant interactive trivia game. Make your way into the next area and try out one of the many simulated games where you can block goals, throw a football or shoot hoops. 

When you're hungry, head next door to Harry Carry's Seventh Inning for solid food!  Learn more about the Chicago Sports Museum!

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Mike Prochaska
I fogot about this place. We went there once it was fun! Thanks for reminding us all about it
Elisa Schmitz
I want to go, Mike Prochaska - sounds so cool!
Mike Prochaska
It is fun and then can eat dinner there
Mike Prochaska
You can pretend to be harry Carrey and brickhouse or Ronny santo and pretend to be in cubs broadcast booth..
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