Flying With Kids: Parents, Here Are 6 Ways to Keep Your Sanity! by Eirene Heidelberger

Traveling With Kids
7 years ago

I have 10 years worth of experience taking our family on countless trips. Here are my tips for making it a painless experience! 

  • Arrive at the airport early. 
  • Remind kids of the schedule so they feel in control and understand where they will be and when. 
  • Kids carry their own bags. 
  • After security, buy water and make sure you have lots of snacks and real food to keep their tummies full. 
  • Make it clear to your children they must stay seat belted on the airplane. 
  • Most important is to bring lots of lots of different activities to keep your gang entertained so you don't have to. 

Safe travels!

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Ann Marie Patitucci
Traveling with kids is an adventure, so I'll take all the advice I can get. Thanks, Eirene Heidelberger!
Elisa Schmitz
Awesome tips from an expert travel mom! Thanks, Eirene Heidelberger !
Sheryl Gould
Eirene Heidelberger these are great tips and they are not only good with younger kids but also with teenagers. What I really like about these tips is the reminder to help them understand what's going on. I think its easy to do everything for them rather than beginning to teach them early so they feel confident as they grow older and become more independent!
Kim Kusiciel
These are awesome tips Eirene Heidelberger! It's now on Pinterest. Check it out here:

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