Staying in a Hotel? Doing This One Simple Thing Can Keep You Safe! by Lynette Patterson

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a year ago
Staying in a Hotel? Doing This One Simple Thing Can Keep You Safe!

I recently returned from a trip to a conference. Boy, was it fun, even if the beginning was a little scary. Here's what happened...

I checked into my hotel room in the middle of a group of about 20 people. I went to my room, gratefully took off my shoes and sat down. That's when a stranger entered my room! The hotel had booked and given another person the same room I was in. He quickly apologized and left. The hotel called and apologized (I got a free night). There was a bug in the system when two people checked in at the same time. 

I now always throw the deadbolt and the latch! Stay safe while traveling!

Jennison Grigsby
Yikes! Thanks for the tip!
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
This happened to me once, too! I had checked in and someone tried to get in my room with his key. He swore the hotel had given him my room and he insisted I open the door. I was so grateful I had thrown the deadbolt and latch. Otherwise, he would have been in my room! Thanks for sharing this important tip, Lynette Patterson ! Jennison Grigsby

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